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Monday, June 20, 2005

VoiceGuy Podcast #3 — June 20, 2005 (2:12)
Today's podcast is a brief clip talking about the fact that I managed to record the podcast itself from my iPod. I used the iPod-Linux installer to put Linux on my iPod. The software (free, of course) comes with a recorder that allows you to hook a microphone up to the iPod and record at very high quality. Now it isn't fantastic, I must say. The levels are all a bit weird, but it is working, which is a good thing. I probably would get better results with my MD recorder. The benefit of this thing is that it is very easy to transfer the file to the computer. But since I have to do editing anyway, perhaps the MD machine makes more sense. It sure is nice not having to lug the iPod AND a recorder around though. I'm getting excited about the possibilities for going to Scotland in August!


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