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Monday, May 30, 2005

Been a very long time since I posted to VoiceGuy. I am pretty certain that no one ever reads this, but now I've set up a way to feed this through Feedburner, it may be more accessible. I am also planning on starting a podcast, so this should be an interesting and exciting development in VoiceGuy! (To learn more about setting up a podcast, you might enjoy the macworld article that got me started. It might make it USEFUL! So stay tuned. I'll be posting a test file soon, to see whether this podcasting thing can really work or not.

Apart from reading macworld, what am I up to? Well, I'm preparing for the Glasgow VASTA conference in August, and I must say that that preparation is taking a LOT of time. I'm working on a DVD of elements from the personal story sequence at York, for my presentation, and my goodness, video editing is a time consuming prospect! On top of it all, there was a horrendous noise on top of all the video, so making it work was a real challenge. In fact, I am currently sitting right in the Faculty Support Centre waiting for "SOUND SOAP" to finish cleaning the camera noise off the video that I recorded. Note to self: next time, get a camera with a microphone that isn't attached to the camera, so that the sound comes from the actor, and not from the camera itself!

I'm also busy these days photo editing for the Voice and Speech Review, assisting editor Mandy Rees and copy editor Julia Guichard in massaging the various image files into 600 dpi eps or jpg files for inclusion in the VSR. And I also had to redo all the images that I had created for my own article, so I got to learn more about Praat, that remarkable program that makes spectrograms and pitch profiles from your sound recordings. And to make the recordings to use with Praat, I had to get a better microphone and a good mic pre-amp to connect to my computer. So I'm all set to make hot shot recordings. Hence my interest in exploring podcasting.

And what ELSE, pray tell, am I up to? Well I'm working on my series of fun IPA learning tool "Imagine". Each week I write an IPA Learning Letter to help my students practice and retain their IPA skills. This week I am preparing an IPA letter using Comic Life, a great tool for making comics from ordinary photos and images that I download from stock.xchng (free stock photos), or from Google Images. I think that Imagine is fun and helpful, and students have told me so.

I also spent a few hours inputting Learning Objects into MERLOT, which stands for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. It's a place where people like me, who create online teaching resources, to get those resources Peer Reviewed, and to make them available to a wider audience. For instance, my Journey of the Voice is one such tool, as is my interactive IPA Charts that I made with Paul Meier.

So THAT's what I've been up to...


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