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Friday, December 10, 2004

Today I am doing prep for a coaching gig that I'm doing for Geva Theatre in Rochester NY. The show is "That was Then," an Ayckbournesque Irish play about two couples who get together for dinner. The twist is that it takes place in the past and in the future, both at the same time. It is a clever play, and it should be a lot of fun for the actors involved. Perfect fare for this type of regional theatre.

My prep is really to figure out how best to outline the sounds of Dublin Irish. I have a number of samples to analyse and I'll need to layout some kind of description of the sound changes that the actors are expected to do, especially the Irish actors. I think that the British (RP/Estuary) speech in the play will be quite easy to coach. That said, I don't know the actors yet, so this will be, as always, a experiment. You do your research, you make a pitch to the actors and the director about how you envision (enhear?) the play, and then you see what's what.

I bet I'll have more to say after I get back.

On another note, this is the end of a long week of conferences with students to discuss this semester's work, to give some guidance for the break, and prepare them in some way for next semester. Our students are a great bunch, but it is difficult to talk about their work in this manner, it always is. It's an emotionally charged setting for them, so it's really important to as clear as possible. Challenging but supportive.